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Zebra Jasper Heart

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These are photos of some of our Zebra Jasper Heart.

You'll be receiving a unique piece, just like the ones pictured! Since these are natural products, each one will vary slightly in size, shape, inclusions, and colour.

This variation is part of what makes them special!

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Ethically sourced and meticulously polished, this heart-shaped stone showcases Zebra Jasper's mesmerizing stripes, symbolizing the harmonious dance of yin and yang. Far more than just a stunning addition to your crystal collection, the Zebra Jasper Heart is a potent tool for achieving balance, grounding, and emotional well-being. 


Origin: India

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Zebra Jasper, also known as Spiderweb Jasper, is renowned for its grounding and stabilizing properties. It fosters a deep sense of security and connection to the earth, promoting emotional resilience and inner strength. This remarkable stone is believed to:

Balance Chakras: Zebra Jasper is said to harmonize all the chakras within your body, with a particular focus on the Root Chakra. The Root Chakra is the foundation of our energetic system, governing feelings of security, stability, and grounding. By stimulating this chakra, Zebra Jasper promotes a sense of wholeness and well-being.

Enhance Emotional Stability: This calming stone soothes anxieties and emotional turmoil, fostering inner peace and emotional regulation.

Boost Motivation and Endurance: Zebra Jasper is known to energize and motivate, helping you persevere through challenges and achieve your goals.

Promote Grounding and Security: Its grounding energy connects you to the earth's stability, fostering a sense of security and belonging.

Alleviate Stress and Tension: Believed to ease physical and emotional tension, promoting relaxation and reducing stress levels.

Manifest Dreams and Desires: This stone's grounding energy is said to stabilize the flow of energy, aiding in manifesting your intentions and desires.


Deepen Inner Peace: Pair your Zebra Jasper Heart with Amethyst.  This calming duo promotes profound relaxation and emotional tranquility.

Ignite Creativity & Passion: Combine Zebra Jasper with Carnelian.  This dynamic combination fuels your creative fire and ignites feelings of passion and motivation.

Sharpen Focus & Determination: For a powerful boost of concentration and willpower, pair your Zebra Jasper Heart with Tiger's Eye.


    Each item is intuitively chosen, ensuring a one-of-a-kind stone just for you. The pictures showcase the typical size and quality, but remember, natural variations and imperfections add to each stone's unique charm!

    If for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase, we would appreciate you contacting us directly, prior to leaving feedback. We want your buying experience to be a positive one and will work with you to resolve any concerns.



    These are natural stones, the size and shape is not fixed. The description is just an approximation for reference.

    It's important to understand that while crystals can provide comfort and support, they should not be seen as a substitute for medical treatment. It's always advisable to consult with a qualified healthcare professional for any medical concerns or conditions.