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Bulk Organic Peruvian Palo Santo Smudge Sticks, Ethically Sourced

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These are photos of some of our Bulk Organic Peruvian Palo Santo Smudge Sticks, Ethically Sourced.

You'll be receiving a unique piece, just like the ones pictured! Since these are natural products, each one will vary slightly in size, shape, inclusions, and colour.

This variation is part of what makes them special!

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10000+ Happy Customers
10000+ Happy Customers

Experience the Authentic Power of Palo Santo Smudging

Ethically Sourced & Organic Peruvian Palo Santo Sticks

Cleanse and revitalize the energy in your home, studio, office, or any space with our premium Palo Santo smudging sticks. Sustainably harvested in Peru, our Palo Santo offers a truly authentic smudging experience.

Each Palo Santo stick is approximately:

4-4.5 inches long
0.5 inches wide

Available in bulk by weight for your convenience:

1/2 lb (approximately 30 sticks)
1 lb (approximately 60 sticks)
Palo Santo is perfect for:
✅ Regular energy cleansing
✅ Creating a peaceful and focused atmosphere
✅Enhancing meditation and yoga practices

💕Order your Palo Santo sticks today and experience the transformative power of smudging!

💕 Here's what makes our Palo Santo special:

Ethically Sourced & Organic: We source our Palo Santo from Peru through sustainable practices, ensuring the well-being of the trees and the environment.

Authentic Experience: Enjoy the rich, woodsy aroma and cleansing properties of genuine Palo Santo.

Perfect for Bulk Purchases: Our Palo Santo is available in bulk by weight, making it ideal for regular use or sharing with friends and family.