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Green Jade Mini Sphere

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These are photos of some of our Green Jade Mini Sphere.

You'll be receiving a unique piece, just like the ones pictured! Since these are natural products, each one will vary slightly in size, shape, inclusions, and colour.

This variation is part of what makes them special!

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10000+ Happy Customers
10000+ Happy Customers
Authentic Crystals
Authentic Crystals

Green Jade is a member of the nephrite jade family, formed primarily from the mineral actinolite. Over millions of years,intense heat and pressure transformed calcium and magnesium-rich rocks into this beautiful and durable gemstone. Traces of chromium, iron, and other minerals contribute to the captivating range of green hues found in Green Jade, from pale celadon to deep emerald green.

Carvings and ornaments made from Green Jade were believed to possess protective qualities and were often used in burial rituals and worn as amulets. The Maya and Aztecs of Mesoamerica also valued Green Jade, associating it with the heart and using it to create intricate masks and ceremonial objects.

In the practice of crystal healing, Green Jade is believed to resonate with the Heart Chakra, the energy center located in the center of the chest. The Heart Chakra is associated with love, compassion, empathy, and our sense of self-worth. 

Origin: India

Approximate Size:

  • Approximately 1 inch
  • Weight: Approximately 27g
  • Sold by piece.



Prosperity & Abundance: Green Jade is a popular stone associated with attracting good fortune and success. Its earthy green color is believed to connect with the energy of growth and wealth.

Love and Compassion: Green Jade is believed to foster feelings of love and compassion for oneself and others, encouraging emotional connection and understanding.

Peace and Harmony: The stone's calming energy is said to promote inner peace and emotional balance, creating a sense of harmony within oneself and in relationships.

Self-Esteem and Confidence: Green Jade is associated with promoting feelings of self-worth and confidence, allowing individuals to embrace their unique qualities.

Protection and Healing: Green Jade is associated with protection from negativity and is thought to promote physical and emotional healing.



  • Those seeking to attract prosperity and abundance.
  • Individuals seeking inner peace and harmony.
  • Anyone looking to cultivate wisdom and patience.
  • People interested in protection from negativity and promoting healing.



Display it in your home or workspace: Place your Green Jade Sphere in areas where you seek to cultivate prosperity, peace, or focus.

Meditate with it: Hold the sphere during meditation to connect with its calming energy and promote feelings of well-being.

Carry it with you: Keep Green Jade's energy close throughout the day by carrying it in your pocket or bag, attracting good fortune wherever you go.



Each item is intuitively chosen, ensuring a one-of-a-kind stone just for you. The pictures showcase the typical size and quality, but remember, natural variations and imperfections add to each stone's unique charm!

If for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase, we would appreciate you contacting us directly, prior to leaving feedback. We want your buying experience to be a positive one and will work with you to resolve any concerns.




These are natural stones, the size and shape is not fixed. The description is just an approximation for reference.

It's important to understand that while crystals can provide comfort and support, they should not be seen as a substitute for medical treatment. It's always advisable to consult with a qualified healthcare professional for any medical concerns or conditions.